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Toddler Sleep Solutions


This in-depth workshop will help parents understand how to establish good sleep habits and a healthy schedule for their toddlers and for themselves.


Lauren Scout (CPD, CLEC) is trained in The Millette Method™ developed by Dr. Angelique Millette, and is a parent educator, infant/child sleep consultant, lactation educator, and mindful mothering mentor. The Millette Method™ is a multi-disciplinary approach to helping parents solve infant and child sleep problems using a wide-range of sleep methods and arrangements. The Millette Method™ does not follow one specific sleep program but rather helps families by taking into account family schedule, infant/child development, temperament, and parenting philosophy all while keeping an eye on sleep deprivation, parental overwhelm, depression, and anxiety. Lauren is a certified Hand in Hand Parenting teacher, is currently working towards her Masters in Early Childhood Development, and is one of only a handful of practitioners in the US trained in The Millette Method™. 

This class is intended for parents and their toddlers 1+ years of age, and covers:

  • Toddler sleep needs
  • How best to help little ones establish sleep habits/patterns
  • How developmental milestones impact toddler sleep development and what to do
  • No/low cry sleep methods
  • Crying methods
  • Many sleep arrangements discussed: co-sleeping, room-sharing, crib sleeping
  • Night feeds and sleep changes
  • Naps

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