Email Support

Many families make use of e-mail support to trouble-shoot quick and simple questions and answers. If the question necessitates an in-depth answer, we will schedule a phone consultation.

Dana Asper

Consultant + Designer + Developer | Dana obsesses on all the little things that create an experience. She tweaks, refines, perfects.

Chart and Assessment

Before our In-Home or Phone/Video Consultation, I will provide you with chart and assessment materials. I ask that parents chart at least 4-7 days of infant/child eating/sleeping/play/fussy periods. Together, we will review the chart and assessment and address specific questions when we meet.

In-Home Visit

Home visits typically last approximately 2 hours depending upon range of issues/challenges. I will observe your family, review charts and assessments, observe sleeping arrangements, troubleshoot questions, and we will work together to build a plan for changing the challenge/issue. Families typically utilize 1-5 home visits, and many families have found that one home visit with several follow-up phone calls will suffice. * Note: home visits may incur an additional Travel Fee.

"Quick Calls"

I encourage families to check-in with questions, with free "Quick Calls" lasting 5 minutes. Most questions are answered within 5-10 minutes. If a question necessitates longer phone time, we will schedule a longer phone conversation, lasting between 15-60 minutes (time is pro-rated by the minute).


Access to hundreds of free handouts and guidelines as needed including topics such as napping, and dropping naps, weaning, sample schedules for newborn to 5 years, solids intro, tantrums, fussing, whining, potty training, transition to toddler bed, travel, and nanny/daycare resources. Parents can request handouts as needed.