Group Workshops

Group Workshops

Lauren is available to teach group workshops, custom tailored to the interests and needs of the group. Rates vary depending on number of participants. Note: Workshops may incur a travel fee.

Sample Topics
New Mom Support Groups, "Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me it was Going to be This Hard?": Preparing for the Functional and Emotional Challenges of Becoming A ParentEmotional & Physical Recovery from Birth, Infant Care and Parenting, Prenatal Infant Sleep Class, Baby & Toddler Sleep Solutions, Weening, Child Development,  Changing Family Relationships, Balancing Family & Work, LGBT Parenting Challenges, Meditation & Mindfulness, and more.

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The Way Lauren
Works With Families


My work with families is centered on helping parents to cultivate a strong and clear connection to their own parenting intuition and confidence.

Every parent has a well of strengths and resources, as well as unique challenges for handling, and adapting to the changing and dynamic relationship with their children. I encourage parents to explore key themes in their relationships, while providing support through intervention, education, and resources.


Fears and anxiety regarding childbirth

Traumatic or unexpected birth (parent and baby)

Fussy/colic/reflux/hi needs baby suggestions/interventions

Infant and child sleep challenges

Co-sleeping and transition to crib

Breastfeeding education and trouble-shooting

Weaning transitions

Bottle-feeding rejection and weaning

Introduction of solids

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious

Not feeling bonded to baby

Feeling angry towards baby

Feeling sad or confused about baby

Twins and triplets challenges

"Whole-family” schedule, ritual and routine building

Balancing family and work

Parenting resources

Single parent support and resources

Lesbian and gay parenting challenges

Child development stages and ages

Toddler behavior challenges- biting, hitting, tantrums

Sibling rivalry, and new baby jealousy

Relationship and “transition-to-family” challenges

Pre-school and kindergarten challenges

Travel suggestions

Nanny and caregiver interview and hiring suggestions